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Best Cannabis Dinners in Phoenix 2021

Elevationsss won “Best of Cannabis Dinners 2021” according to Phoenix New Times!

Phoenix New Times said, “The rooftop pool deck at The Clarendon Hotel and Spa is generally an excellent place to hang out. But as a setting for a multicourse meal infused with marijuana, it’s hard to beat. Chef Derek Upton has been hosting an educational culinary series here called “Elevated Under the Stars” since early spring.

The cool rooftop views of central Phoenix are accompanied by anything from gnocchi to infused Bolognese and served with mocktails (infusion optional) and a discussion of cooking, dosing, and flavor profiles and pairings.

Cannabis Dinner Phoenix

Tickets for these flower-powered fine-dining events cost $250 each for the gastronomically curious who want to eat, and $50 for a gallery seat sans dinner. Upton often has as-seen-on-TV guests join him for the cannabis dinners and is a bit of a celebrity chef himself since appearing on the 2020 Netflix original series Cooked with Cannabis.”

On another article, Phoenix New Times said, “Now that recreational adult-use sales of marijuana are allowed in Arizona, Mary Jane is coming to dinner. And things are getting fancy, with four-course cannabis-infused fine-dining menus prepared by seasoned chefs and served in high-end venues.

In this day and age, we can literally infuse anything and everything, from water to five-star, multi-course fine dining,” says cannabis Chef Derek Upton. “I personally love to make gnocchi and infused Bolognese. It’s one of my all-time favorite dishes for comfort.”

Get Help with an Infused Dinner Party in Phoenix, AZ

Cannabis Dinner Party Chef

Chef Derek Upton and Elevationsss provides 6-course cannabis-infused dinner parties that are fun, educational, and delicious. Enjoy delicious cannabis cuisine in the comfort of your home while being served by famous cannabis chef Derek Upton.

Ever wondered what a fine dining marijuana dinner party would be like? Chef Derek Upton provides just that. The elegance of a fine dining restaurant while you enjoy tasty THC-infused food 2.5mg.

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