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Cannabis Emulsified In The Modern Food Culture

If you want to hire a cannabis chef for your next private dinner party or corporate event, you found the right place! 

Who would have ever thought that chefs would be using marijuana to cook with? Well, it’s 2021 and times are changing! You can now hire a cannabis chef to come to your home or business and cook THC-infused food for you and your guests.

Ever wondered what a fine dining marijuana dinner party would be like? Chef Derek Upton provides just that. The elegance of a fine dining restaurant while you enjoy tasty THC-infused food 2.5mg.

Enjoy the finest cannabis cuisine on the Skydeck of The Clarendon Hotel and Spa. Enjoy a delicious cannabis-infused meal while gazing at an amazing view of Downtown Phoenix, Arizona. We’ve been listed as “one of the best things about Phoenix,” “Best Hang Out,” “Best Date Spot” and “Best Rooftop for Events.”

Private cannabis-infused dinner parties are perfect for celebrating anniversaries, vacations, holidays, birthdays, and more. Derek Upton’s expertise and experience in the cannabis cooking industry receive high praises from corporate executives, major sports athletes, famous actors, and more. Make reservations for private parties by filling out our contact form.

Hosting a dinner party for a corporate event such as a team-building retreat, employee rewards ceremony, conference, or stakeholder event? It would be our pleasure to provide your staff with a cannabis-infused meal that recognizes their accomplishments. Elevationsss is #1 for cannabis-infused dinner parties.

Cannabis Chef Definition

What is a Cannabis Chef?

Cannabis chefs, also known as marijuana edibles chefs, marijuana cooks, or weed chef, infused different types of food and drinks with THC, the main chemical compound found in cannabis. Cannabis chefs find creative ways to use THC-infused oils and butter, along with other concentrates, to create consumable food and drink for recreational and medical use.

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Hire a Cannabis Chef

The partnership of HOLOH Extracts, Chef Derek Upton, and The Clarendon Hotel and Spa are going to provide a magical journey through a 6-course dinner, in which you will have the opportunity to elevate your senses with Chef Derek’s guidance with cannabis being donated by an individual consistent with AZ law.  You will have the option to infuse your own delicacies or not infuse them.

As a pioneer of the cannabis food movement Chef Derek took the opportunity to be a featured chef on the Netflix original cooking show “Cooked with Cannabis” released April 20, 2020, and most recently Food Network. These features have led to numerous amazing friendships, business opportunities, and sponsorships from Chef Works, Stargazer Cast Iron, HOLOH Extracts, and Hhemp.

Cannabis Chef Cost

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Cannabis Chef?

Cannabis Chef Cost

According to ChefDerekAZ, the cost of an infused dinner party is about $200 per person with average prices ranging from $170 to $250 for a 6-course meal depending on several factors. Cannabis chefs charge anywhere from $100 to $500 per person according to CannabizMedia.

Cannabis Chef Menu

Charred Endive and heirloom salad + Sweet Miso Vinaigrette

Charred Endive and heirloom salad + Sweet Miso Vinaigrette

Rose Poached Pear + Lemon Custard + Candied Walnut

Rose Poached Pear + Lemon Custard + Candied Walnuts

Smoked Vadalia Onion Jam Bruchetta

Smoked Vadalia Onion Jam Bruchetta

Seared Sea Bass + Forbidden Purple Sticky Rice + Saffron Coconut Cream
Seared Sea Bass + Forbidden Purple Sticky Rice + Saffron Coconut Cream