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What is Cannabis Food?

Some people use cannabis food to ease stress, while others eat it to improve symptoms of a medical condition. Either way, cannabis food is a “thing” and its only getting more popular in states that are legalizing recreational cannabis use.

What is Cannabis Food?

Cannabis Food Chef

Cannabis food, also known as cannabis edible, cannabis cuisine, cannabis infused food is a food product (either produced commercial or homemade) that contains cannabis extract as an active ingredient. Edibles are a way to consume cannabis.

According to WikiPedia, “THC-dominant edibles are consumed for recreational and medical purposes. Some edibles contain a negligible amount of THC and are instead dominant in other cannabinoids, most commonly cannabidiol (CBD).”

Can you Eat Cannabis?

Cannabis Food

Yes, you can eat cannabis. People have been consuming cannabis-infused foods and drinks throughout history, as far back as 1000 B.C. Eating cannabis-infused products can induce euphoria and relieve stress, similar to alcohol. Cannabis chefs make their own cannabis food by infusing it with THC oil or butter.

According to FoodandWine, “Edibles often contain 5 to 10 milligrams of THC, but if you’re new to cannabis, start by microdosing with 1 or 2 milligrams and work up from there. Unlike inhaled marijuana, it can take over an hour to feel an edible’s effects—and the high lasts much longer.”

Cannabis Food Pairing

Cannabis food pairing means that inhaled marijuana such as joints will be matched up with food courses throughout the meal.

Health Benefits of Cannabis Food

According to, eating cannabis food has many health benefits and is often used to treat conditions such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Chronic pain
  • Cancer-related symptoms

Edible cannabis such as pills, oils, tinctures, and gummies are often used to treat pain, poor appetite, and weight loss in people who have cancer.

Where Can I Find a Cannabis Restaurant in Phoenix, AZ?

The Mint Cafe is the Arizona’s first cannabis dispensary that also has a full service kitchen. Phoenix patrons can walk in like a normal dispensary and enjoy hot food like pizza’s, street tacos, chicken nuggets and more. According to Mint, “These menu items are cooked with cannabis butter and oils and pack a THC punch of anywhere between 25 mg ($10) to a walloping 1,000 mg ($75).

Find Cannabis Food in Phoenix, AZ

Cannabis Dinner Party Chef

Elevationsss won “Best of Cannabis Dinners 2021” according to Phoenix New Times! Enjoy the best cannabis food Phoenix, Arizona has to offer!

Chef Derek Upton and Elevationsss provides 6-course cannabis-infused dinner parties that are fun, educational, and delicious. Enjoy delicious cannabis food in the comfort of your home while being served by famous cannabis chef Derek Upton.

Ever wondered what a fine dining marijuana dinner party would be like? Chef Derek Upton provides just that. The elegance of a fine dining restaurant while you enjoy tasty THC-infused food 2.5mg.

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