Cannabis Dinner Party
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What is a Cannabis Dinner Party? 

Living in a state that legalized cannabis has its benefits, such as easy accessibility, informative dispensaries, and the most important part being unique and cool cannabis-infused foods for a great dinner party. You now have a chance to host a cannabis-friendly dinner that is not only delicious but fun and educational, even if you have never thought cannabis could be considered gourmet. It’s dinner time! Call your friends!

Don’t have time to prep? Chef Derek Upton and the Elevationsss catering team provides 6-course cannabis-infused dinner parties that are fun, educational, and delicious. Enjoy delicious cannabis cuisine in the comfort of your home while being served by famous cannabis chef Derek Upton.

What is a Cannabis-Infused Dinner Party?

A cannabis-infused dinner party is a social occasion at which guests eat dinner together just like a normal dinner party that would take place at someone’s home but with one major difference. The main difference with a cannabis-infused dinner party is that the food is infused with 2.5mg of THC.

An Easy Guide to Throwing a Great Cannabis Dinner Party

Throwing a cannabis dinner party is quite simple. Learn the steps to throw a cannabis dinner party below. These tips can also be used for weed party ideas.

Take Care When Choosing Your Guests

Keep in mind that you are going to be getting high, so it is best if you try to host a small, intimate dinner with only those closest to you. It is not something for the whole family unless you have a really cool uncle.  A good guest list comprises people you trust, like to hang out with, and would enjoy getting high with! In addition, it’s best if the group’s members have previously used drugs, although it’s still vital to create a welcoming environment for first-timers.

Theme Selection

Get everyone excited for dinner by choosing an exciting theme, sending out invites (both online and by hand), and designing labels! Puns never fail to make us smile, so here are some to start your creative juices flowing:

  • Potluck
  • Best Buds Dinner Party 
  • High Times
  • Pharm-to-Table
  • Ganja Gathering

Know your Dosages

You should take into account your THC dosage when making a decision. Keep the doses low since you’ll have a few courses, so your guests have an excellent time. Remember that moderation is key to not sinking into the couch all night! Start by choosing your strain and writing down how much THC is in your bud. The dispensary will provide you with this information on the container your product will arrive in. Use this guide to calculate the dosage based on the recipes you’re making. Here’s a hint: it’s not much.

Information You Should Know About Your Buds

Host the ultimate party as the ultimate hostess! You can include information about the cannabis content in the dish-like origin, strain, dosing-to creates fun educational moments throughout the meal when using oils, butters, tinctures, or other products. You’ll be able to inform your guests of the exact ingredients they’re eating, as well as provide them with interesting information!

Create a Balanced Menu

Cannabis Dinner Party Menu

The menu alone will put your guests in a good mood so that you can skip the alcohol on this one. Create refreshing cannabis mocktails using colorful ingredients. Choose a hearty meal to serve your guests for the main course.

A Playlist That Fits Your Brand

There is a perfect playlist for every dinner party, and not just any playlist will do for this dinner party. Consider obvious choices like Bob Marley and Snoop Dogg to give yours a personalized touch. Consider listening to Spotify playlists made by other DJs instead of learning how to make them!

Good Ambience Sets the Vibe

The ambience of your cannabis dinner party is important to set a dope vibe! Read below to learn how to step your ambience game up.

Budding Florals are a great alternative to candles

In general, we love a romantic ambiance at our gatherings. But an evening of cannabis-themed dinner is not the time. Fresh flowers (bonus points if you include a bud) are a natural way to set the tone without causing unnecessary fires.

Keep the Dinner Setting Comfortable and Practical

Cannabis Dinner Party Theme

You don’t have to throw out all of your design ideas like above, this was for a corporate cannabis dinner party event. Save the fancy china and tablecloths for your next party. Instead, make your home more inviting and cozy. Consider putting pillow seating on the ground instead of chairs, softening the space with blankets nearby, and putting shoes, coats, and bags in their designated area.

Ensure You Have CBD on Hand

There are so many options! It is extremely helpful to provide CBD products (oils, gummies, vapes, etc.) to your group of guests, whether they are anxious about getting high generally or get too high and become stressed. Their dinner experience will be fun and relaxing, thanks to CBD.

Safe Travel Preparation

Your guests’ safety and security are equally as important as what is on the menu. If you provide them with a discount code for Uber or Lyft, they can make sure that they get home safely and be able to enjoy the night.

Cannabis-Infused Dinner Checklist

To throw a proper cannabis-infused dinner party, VenueReport says you should:

  1. Create a guest list 
  2. Pick out a theme
  3. Have a Few Talking Points
  4. Know what’s in your kitchen
  5. Create a menu
  6. Don’t add too much THC
  7. Pair food with appropriate strain 
  8. Set the vibe with good ambiance
  9. Prepare yourself for questions about THC levels
  10. Add an extra touch by using bud centerpieces
  11. Have guest use a car service to get home

Want to Make Your Own THC Cooking Oil?

Cannabis Dinner Party Cooking Oil

Chicago Mag has a great recipe for cannabis cooking oil that only takes about 3 hours to complete. Their cooking oil recipe requires about 7 grams of cannabis flower, a parchment-lined sheet pan, a mason jar, grapeseed oil, an oven and time. According to their article, “The oil will keep in the freezer for up to two months. (Each teaspoon contains around 25 milligrams of THC — enough for five 5-milligram individual portions of food.)

Get Help with an Infused Dinner Party in Phoenix, AZ

Cannabis Dinner Party Chef

Chef Derek Upton and Elevationsss provides 6-course cannabis-infused dinner parties that are fun, educational, and delicious. Enjoy delicious cannabis cuisine in the comfort of your home while being served by famous cannabis chef Derek Upton.

Ever wondered what a fine dining marijuana dinner party would be like? Chef Derek Upton provides just that. The elegance of a fine dining restaurant while you enjoy tasty THC-infused food 2.5mg.

420 Friendly Hotel in Phoenix AZ - The Clarendon Hotel
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420 Friendly Hotel Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix, Arizona’s first 420 friendly hotel is now open for booking!

The Clarendon Hotel and Spa in Downtown Phoenix is the first “cannabis-friendly” hotel in the state of Arizona. The hotel boasts cannabis sleeping rooms on its west side, where guests can partake in edibles and vape, and use marijuana flower in designated areas.

Air Conditioning




Hot Tub






Smoking Rooms


420 Friendly Hotel Room Bed
420 Friendly Hotel Room
420 Friendly Hotel
Cannabis Hotel
Cannabis Hotel Pool
View of Cannabis Rooms from Pool
Cannabis Hotel - Clarendon Hotel and Spa

Where Can I Find a 420 Friendly Hotel in Phoenix, AZ?

You can find Arizona’s 1st 420 Friendly Hotel located at 401 W Clarendon Ave #1, Phoenix, AZ 85013 near Indian School Road and Seventh Avenue. The cannabis rooms are on the property’s west side and equipped with “scrubbers” to freshen the air, according to the release. Those rooms will also undergo deeper cleanings. Tobacco smoking remains prohibited in any room.

For those that need to purchase weed, the hotel has a car service that will take you to the dispensary. The hotel has a partnership with a Curaleaf, a dispensary located about a mile away from the hotel. Bongs and pipes are available for rent.

Where Can I Book Cannabis Friendly Hotel Rooms in Phoenix?

You can book cannabis-friendly rooms by calling the hotel at 602-252-7363 or using the website Bud and Breakfast at


Double Occupancy:

Pets Allowed: No

Kids Allowed: No

Bed Type:

Property Type: Hotel

Privacy: Private

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Rooms: 1

Accommodates: 2

Cleaning Fee: $

Min Days: 1

Max Days: 2

Pet Fee: $

Person Fee: $

Max Days: 2

Refundable Damage Deposit: $50.00

Cancel Policy: Flexible: Full refund 1 day prior to arrival, except fees

How Much Does it Cost to Book a 420 Friendly Hotel Room in Phoenix?

The cost of a cannabis room is similar to the price of a regular hotel room. 420 friendly hotel rooms in Phoenix, AZ cost about $140 per night according to BudandBreakfast.

How To Book Your 420 Friendly Hotel

Booking your marijuana-friendly hotel is quite simple. Simply visit the Bud + Breakfast website. Find The Clarendon Hotel and Spa and Click book now.

On the B+B website, you will find details about The Clarendon Hotel, a breakdown of amenities, local attractions, and, most importantly, the house rules*.

Booking rooms in marijuana hotels and resorts on Bud and Breakfast is as simple as any travel site or agency on the web or elsewhere.

The Clarendon Hotel Become’s Arizona’s First Cannabis Friendly Hotel

Multiple news outlets are documenting this historic moment of cannabis-friendly hotels in Arizona. New ownership of the Clarendon Hotel and Spa, a landmark Four-Star boutique hotel in Central Phoenix, announces it is Arizona’s First Cannabis Friendly Hotel. The Clarendon Hotel and Spa has been mentioned in several news articles and videos including:

Forbes says, “The Clarendon Hotel and Spa in downtown Phoenix, for instance, billed itself as the first cannabis-friendly hotel in Arizona, with a six-course dinner event ticketed by EventHi. ”

AZBIGMEDIA in an article titled ‘Clarendon Hotel becomes Arizona’s first cannabis-friendly hotel’ said, “New ownership of the Clarendon Hotel and Spa, a landmark Four Star boutique hotel in Central Phoenix, announces it is Arizona’s First Cannabis Friendly Hotel.”

ABC 15 Arizona – “The iconic Clarendon Hotel and Spa is relaunching as a pot-friendly hotel.”

KTAR NEWS 92.3 FM – “In the wake of Arizona legalizing marijuana for recreational use, a central Phoenix boutique hotel is going to pot.”

Phoenix New Times – “At least initially, only one wing of the Clarendon will be cannabis-friendly, offering sixteen rooms in which guests can smoke marijuana if they like. If this goes well, Brotherton — who says he rarely ingests cannabis himself — may add more pot-friendly rooms.”

Arizona Foothills Magazine – guests at the four-star boutique hotel in Downtown Phoenix will have the chance to book a limited number of rooms where they can partake in edibles, flower and vape that are all sourced from a local dispensary.

Rose Law Group – “The only difference in the cannabis rooms is that each will contain a ‘scrubber,’ which recirculates the air to keep things fresh.”

Yahoo News Canada – “The iconic Clarendon Hotel and Spa is relaunching as a pot-friendly hotel.”

AZ Family – “The Clarendon Hotel and Spa in downtown Phoenix is open for business. Hotel managers say it is “Arizona’s first Cannabis-friendly hotel.”

The Bogcast – Chris Martin talks about how the Clarendon Hotel will be Arizona’s 1st Cannabis-Friendly Hotel and a possible future collaboration with Hempful Farms.

Opera News – The cannabis sleeping rooms at the Clarendon Hotel are located on the west side of the hotel property where guests can partake in edibles, flower and vape which have been purchased at a local dispensary. – “The Clarendon Hotel and Spa in downtown Phoenix is the state’s first “cannabis-friendly” hotel in the state, hotel managers told AZ family on Sunday, July 25. The hotel boasts cannabis sleeping rooms on its west side, where guests can partake in edibles and vape, and use flower in designated areas.” – “New ownership of the Clarendon Hotel and Spa, a landmark Four Star boutique hotel in Central Phoenix, just announced it has become Arizona’s first cannabis friendly hotel.”

SecretPhoenix – “The hotel offers a special service for cannabis users, if they need to restock, they have a car service that drives guests to a local dispensary where they can rent pipes and bongs.” – “A hotel and spa in central Phoenix now offers cannabis-infused dining experiences and suites specifically designed for smoking weed.”

iHeartRadio – “A new hotel has opened in Phoenix that says its “Arizona’s first Cannabis-friendly hotel,” reported AZ Family. The Clarendon Hotel and Spas is located downtown has has a whole side that is specifically cannabis-friendly.”

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