Personal Chef Cost
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How Much Does a Personal Chef Cost?

The average cost of a personal chef is about $465 with average prices ranging from $180 to $750 in the US for 2020 according to KaleChefService.

The average cost of a personal chef according to is about $250 per week with average prices ranging from $200 to $300 per week. Their article states, “The median price of a personal chef in the U.S. is about $200-$300 per week for five meals for a family of four, not including the cost of groceries, which can vary widely by city.” says the average cost you can expect to pay a personal chef is between $30 to $40 per hour. For a private dinner party, you can expect to pay about $45 per person, but prices can easily go up to $100+ per person if you choose optional add-ons such as wine pairing. According to their website, for 6 entrees you can expect to pay between $180 to $750, with median prices ranging from $100 to $400.

The Street and Chefs for Seniors agree with the same $100 to $400 cost range provided by

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